Welcome to the portfolio site of Irina Viippola, a Helsinki based experienced Design Manager and designer with superior creative skills and proven track record of leading successful projects. 
Arabia Mainio Sarastus
Arabia Mainio Sarastus
Iittala X Issey Miyake
Iittala X Issey Miyake
Iittala Teema Tiimi
Swedish Grace
Rörstrand Swedish Grace
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Rörstrand Pli Blanc
Ostindia textiles
Rörstrand Ostindia
Iittala Colour system
Arabia KoKo 2020
Arabia KoKo colour palette
Iittala Ruutu
Arabia Sunnuntai
Arabia Sunnuntai
Arabia Beloved patterns
Arabia Beloved Patterns
Iittala Interior concept
Product design
Private kitchen design
Design guides