Iittala Teema Tiimi


For the new Teema Tiimi parts that were launched in 2017, four young Asian designers were first given Teema tableware for testing for 2 weeks. They kept diary on how the items work in their everyday life – what worked well, what not and what was missing. As a result, they created Asian parts that are universal in design and serve well the function they were designed for, in the spirit of Teema.

The idea for the name “Tiimi”, which is Finnish for “team” comes from Kaj Franck himself. In an interview he revealed that he would have preferred that name to “Teema”, as the late 1970’s redesign of the collection was truly a team effort. Teema Tiimi project was also a close co-operation between cultures, consumers, designers, product development specialists and marketing.

“Bowl is definitely one of most common tableware at home. Small bowl, we call it rice bowl or soup bowl, which is used for serving rice, soup, sweet soup and porridge normally.”

Minjia Wang, China

“It is said that the ideal Japanese meal consists of one bowl of rice, soup and 3 dishes. 3 dishes include one main and two sub-main dishes. The more dishes (odd numbers) you have the better.”

Ai Ono, Japan

“One specialty of Korean cuisine is that side dishes are shared within the table. At the same time, there is a clear distinction between shared dishes and individual dishes.”

Kyuhyung Cho, Korea

“Curve looks more inviting on a dining table. In the world of Chinese food, curve also feels more familiar and friendly. The depth of a curve creates a perfect space to keep the food with sauce, which is very common in Chinese cuisine.“

Yenwen Tseng, Taiwan

Photos Fiskars Finland & author